NDRE031 SteelForce "make way" - LP / CD

NDRE031 SteelForce “make way” – LP / CD

Recorded back in 1988 and never saw light of day. SteelForce was one the many great dutch bands back in 80’s that did well in the dutch hard rock club circuit. Highlight was opening for Def Leppard at Noordeligt Tilburg. 12 page booklet with biography, lyrics and pictures. The 10 album tracks plus 5 bonus demo tracks.

Absolute must buy if you are into 80’s hard rock like Helloise, Vandenberg or Europe (early).

1. Queen Of Dreams
2. I’m Coming Back
3. Valerie
4. Waiting For The Night
5. Voices
6. Make Way
7. Still In Love With You
8. The Came Rock & Roll
9. Your Love Has Grown Cold
10. Can’t You See
11. Can’t You See (Demo 1986)
12. I’m Coming Back (Demo 1986)
13. Still In Love With You (Demo 1986)
14. Waiting For The Night (Demo 1988)
15. Then Came Rock & Roll (Demo 1988)

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LP BLACK VINYL (Sold out!)