NDRE032 August Life "the broken hourglass" - MCD

NDRE032 August Life “the broken hourglass” – MCD

AUGUST LIFE released their highly acclaimed debut album NEW ETERNITY on CD in 2018 and, by demand, also on vinyl in 2019. The latter through the fast growing Dutch Record label No Dust Records. Evolving from music project to live band, AUGUST LIFE started hitting the road in 2019 doing great shows with established bands like PRAYING MANTIS and TYGERS OF PAN TANG.

2020 was to kick of with great live shows to develop the brand name AUGUST LIFE even further with great musical outfits like TYKETTO and THRESHOLD internationally . The machine was really running on steam but unfortunately COVID-19 temporarily puts AUGUST LIFE‘s live victory march on hold.

Because it is impossible to stop this band, AUGUST LIFE is taking this “opportunity” to make the successor of NEW ETERNITY an absolute master piece in the genre with even more ambition. Rest assured AUGUST LIFE will hit back hard returning on stage while presenting this! As the fans need not wait too long, a more than justified harbinger of the new album will be released as BRAND NEW SPECIAL EDITION exclusive song called THE BROKEN HOURGLASS! This song will NOT! be on the next album and will be exclusivly for this release.

THE BROKEN HOURGLASS also includes 4 brilliant live recordings, splendidly mixed and mastered by Jack Nobelen (HORIZON, ACCEPT) plus a very special version of the song Nevermore with guest performer René Kroon (SUN CAGED) so be sure to have this SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION EP – CD release in deluxe digipack format.

Track list:
1. The Broken Hourglass 5:25 / 2. Coming Home (Live) 5:30 / 3. Dead End (Live) 5:31 / 4. Turn Back Time (Live) 4:29 / 5. New Eternity (Live) 4:41 / 6. Nevermore (alternate version) 3:20

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