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We are a physical record store and record label located in the Netherlands, Europe

Welcome to No Dust Records

Your Favorite Independent Record Label and Store

Get to know No Dust Records, your new go-to destination for all your music needs. Our focus is on providing a platform for musicians to release their music to the world through physical products like compact discs and vinyl records.

In our store we offer new Vinyl Records, CD’s, Singles and more. We also buy and sell used Vinyl Records, CD’s, Singles and more!

Browse our extensive collection of physical music products.

Explore our wide range of music products, including vinyl records, CDs, and cassettes.

And there is more

A large collection of new and vintage shirts, promotional materials and cool merchandise.

We also carry a range of audio equipment products and accesoires, in collaboration with Join The Audio!

Our Services

We offer a variety of services to help promote and support musicians in their career.

Music Promotion

Community Events

Global Distribution

Check out some of our favorite music release projects.

Welcome to No Dust Records, your go-to destination for independent music releases.